景观盛宴 :2017年ASLA获奖名单公布 (城市景观)综合设计类[优秀奖]Klyde Warren公园Klyde Warren Park - Bridging the Gap in Downtown Dallas地址:美国德克萨斯州达拉斯设计:OJB景观设计英文介绍:Klyde Warren Park is Dallas’s central urban park that has bridged the eight-lane Woodall Rodgers Freeway which had been a barrier between Downtown and Uptown. The park reconnects the city’s downtown cultural district with the neighborhoods to the north. The park is designed to reflect the district through its modern design. The park has been warmly embraced by the community and has been a catalyst for economic development. Daily free activities include performances lectures and fitness classes. A non-profit foundation manages operations and maintenance of the park. Built with public and private funds the park features a flexible pedestrian-oriented design children’s park great lawn restaurant performance pavilion fountain plaza games area dog park and botanical garden. Dramatic environmental improvements include the sequestration of CO2 through native planted trees temperature reductions from shade producing trees and canopies and water conservation through the subgrade reservoir’s collection of stormwater.谷歌直译:克莱德沃伦公园(Klyde Warren Park)是达拉斯市中心的城市公园,已经连接了八街Woodall Rodgers高速公路,该高速公路是市中心和上城之间的障碍。公园将城市的文化区与北部的社区重新连接起来。该公园旨在通过其现代设计反映该地区。公园受到社会的热烈欢迎,是经济发展的催化剂。每日免费活动包括表演,讲座和健身班。非盈利性基金会管理公园的运营和维护。公园建有公共和私人基金,设有灵活的行人设计,儿童公园,草坪,餐厅,表演亭,喷泉广场,游乐区,狗公园和植物园。[荣誉奖]入口花园The Entrance Garden地址:巴西圣保罗设计:Alex Hanazaki Paisagismo英文介绍:This garden is a contemporary space in sync with Brazilian tropical heritage. It harmonizes a floating garden amidst water lush greenery with bold clean constructed elements.谷歌直译:这个花园是与巴西热带遗产同步的现代空间。它融合了一个浮动的花园,在水中,郁郁葱葱的绿化与大胆,干净的构造元素。Windhover冥想中心Windhover Contemplative Center地址:美国加州旧金山设计:Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture英文介绍:The Windhover Contemplative Center named for a series of paintings by artist Nathan Oliveira simultaneously functions as an art gallery spiritual sanctuary and contemplative garden on the busy Stanford Campus.  Using Oliveira’s art as a vehicle for personal renewal the center provides a place for students faculty and staff to decompress and re-center themselves.  The integrated design capitalizes on the building’s unique context -- adjacent to an existing oak woodland – to provide a series of spaces that allow visitors to experience Oliveira’s paintings in concert with an inspiring natural setting.  A collaborative approach to building and landscape shaped nearly every aspect of the design from the carefully choreographed entry sequence; to the visual and physical permeability between the interior and exterior spaces; to the interplay between the building materials light and shadow.  Windhover represents a new typology for institutional design offering a lush green sanctuary for viewing art and fostering personal well-being.谷歌直译:使用Oliveira的艺术作为个人更新的工具,该中心为学生,教师和工作人员提供了一个解压缩和重新定位的地方。综合设计利用了建筑物独特的环境,毗邻现有的橡树林地,提供一系列空间,让游客能够体验奥利维拉绘画与鼓舞人心的自然环境。从设计精心编排的入门序列中,构建和设计风景几何的各个方面的协作方法; 内部和外部空间之间的视觉和物理渗透性; 到建筑材料,光线和影子之间的相互作用。Windhover代表了机构设计的新类型,提供了一个郁郁葱葱的绿色圣地,用于观赏艺术和培养个人幸福感。Owens湖大地艺术Owens Lake Land Art地址:美国加州因约县 设计:NUVIS 景观英文介绍:Honoring the past while shaping the future was the inspiration for the Land Art at Owens Lake. Collaboration between state and local agencies community members tribal leaders and biologists resulted in the artistic design solution the ‘Whitecaps’.  Oriented along the north-south axis the ‘Whitecaps’ recall the past when 80 mph winds blew across the 100-square-mile lake. Sculptural forms provide habitat benefits for migratory birds mammals and invertebrates with stacked rock niches which offer protection from wind and predators.  Adhering to the approved dust mitigation measures the landscape architect designed a functional solution which evolved into an art piece composed of simple materials and forms inspired by the Owens Valley.  The project evolved from State Agencies’ and client commitment to provide public access and hiking trails create bird and mammal habitat and preserve cultural resources while meeting dust emission controls.  The landscape architectural design showcases the unique site and has been instrumental in attracting new tourism to the area improving local business creating recreation opportunities and increasing public dialog on water conservation.谷歌直译:在塑造未来的过程中,过去是欧文斯湖上的土地艺术的灵感。国家和地方机构,社区成员,部落领导和生物学家之间的合作导致了艺术设计解决方案“白皮书”。沿着南北轴定向,“白皮书”回忆过去,当80 mph风吹过100平方英里的湖泊时。雕塑形式为候鸟,哺乳动物和无脊椎动物提供栖息地益处,并拥有堆叠的岩石栖息地,为风和捕食者提供保护。景观设计师坚持认可的减尘措施,设计了一个功能性解决方案,演变成由欧文斯谷启发的简单材料和形式的艺术作品。该项目从国家机构和客户的承诺演变而来,提供公共接入和远足径,创造鸟类和哺乳动物的栖息地,保护文化资源,同时实现粉尘排放控制。景观建筑设计展示了独特的景点,有力吸引了该地区的新旅游业,改善了当地的业务,创造了娱乐机会,增加了公众对节水的对话。SteelStacks艺术+文化校园SteelStacks Arts + Cultural Campus项目:美国宾夕法尼亚州伯利恒 设计:WRT 英文介绍:The SteelStacks Arts + Cultural Campus rose from the shadows of the former Bethlehem Steel Plant invigorating the region through the transformation of an abandoned industrial site into a vibrant urban arts and entertainment destination. The project demonstrates the power of design to catalyze community revitalization by paying homage to the history and integrity of the site and allowing visitors the opportunity to once again stand at the foot of the iconic Bethlehem Steel blast furnaces. The project seamlessly knits together the reinvented steel plant site with an established neighborhood and its commercial corridor building a heightened sense of community across the City of Bethlehem and Lehigh Valley region.谷歌直译:钢架艺术+文化校园从前伯利恒钢铁厂的阴影中崛起,通过将废弃的工业场地转变为充满活力的城市艺术和娱乐目的地,振兴该地区。该项目展示了设计的力量,通过向现场的历史和诚信致敬,并让游客有机会再次站在标志性的伯利恒钢铁高炉脚下,推动社区振兴。该项目无缝地将重建的钢铁厂场与一个既定的邻里和商业走廊相结合,在伯利恒市和利哈谷地区建立了更高的社区意识。中央海堤项目Central Seawall Project地址:美国纽约州纽约市设计:James Corner Field Operations LLC 英文介绍:Seattle’s Central Seawall Project replaced 3700 linear feet of derelict seawall with a new state-of-the-art seismic-resistant seawall that is seamlessly integrated with an unprecedented salmon migration corridor an enhanced tidal marine environment and an updated pedestrian promenade. The Central Seawall Project is a massive urban infrastructure project which addresses current issues of sea level rise ecology and aquatic habitat rehabilitation while in the center of a large port city.The Central Seawall Project is unique among public realm projects due to the high level of collaboration between landscape architecture civil/structural/marine engineering infrastructure specialists and aquatic habitat specialists. Innovative habitat creation is paired with integrated public realm design which both contribute to the health of marine life while positively engaging the public in understanding all issues at stake. The result is a new model for infrastructure investment that benefits the city the public and the ecosystem.谷歌直译:西雅图中央海堤项目用一个新的最先进的抗震海堤取代了3700平方英尺的废弃海堤,与前所未有的鲑鱼迁徙走廊,增强的潮汐海洋环境和更新的行人长廊无缝融合。中央海堤工程是一个庞大的城市基础设施项目,旨在解决当前大型港口城市中心地区海平面上升,生态和水生栖息地复兴问题。由于景观建筑,民用/结构/海洋工程,基础设施专家和水生栖息地专家之间的高度合作,中央海堤工程在公共领域项目中是独一无二的。创新的栖息地创造与综合的公共领域设计配合,既有助于海洋生物的健康,同时积极参与公众了解所有有关的问题。结果是一个新的基础设施投资模式,有利于城市,公众和生态系统。北卡罗来纳州艺术博物馆文化与生态的融合Merging Culture and Ecology at The North Carolina Museum of Art地址:美国北卡罗来纳州罗利市设计:Surface 678 英文介绍:The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) is situated on 164-acres of picturesque rolling hills in one of the fastest growing urban regions in the country. With its vision: “To enrich lives through the power and wonder of art” the museum embodies the heart of visual arts and design for the entire state. In addition to extensive interior galleries the museum has created one of the largest curated art parks in the world. The landscape architect was engaged to develop a comprehensive master plan for the park as well as the design and construction of this project which encompasses 28.3 acres of sculpted landscapes gardens and progressive stormwater features that combine to create a systems-based landscape that celebrates the synergistic relationship between culture art and ecology.谷歌直译:北卡罗来纳州艺术博物馆(NCMA)位于全国发展最快的城市之一,占地164英亩的风景如画的连绵起伏的山丘。凭借其愿景:“通过艺术的力量和奇迹丰富生活”,博物馆体现了整个国家视觉艺术和设计的核心。除了广泛的室内画廊,博物馆还创造了世界上最大的策展艺术公园之一。景观设计师致力于为公园开发综合总体规划,以及该项目的设计和建设,其中包括28.3英亩的雕刻景观,花园和渐进的雨水特征,结合创造一个系统化的景观庆祝文化,艺术与生态之间的协同关系。芝加哥盆景园:Regenstein学习中心Chicago Botanic Garden: The Regenstein Learning Campus地址:美国伊利诺伊州芝加哥市Chicago IL USA 设计:Mikyoung Kim Design 与 Jacobs/Ryan Associates 英文介绍:The Regenstein Learning Campus is a new environmental discovery center and nature playground at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  This six-acre horticultural campus serves a vibrant community of families offering an interactive experience with the natural world while advancing the institution’s influence as a science and horticultural center that serves more than 125000 people each year.   The design immerses families and children of all ages to a variety of outdoor experiences that include inquiry focused learning and play that engenders a deeper understanding of ecological systems.  The expansive garden includes a variety of natural experiences and explorations as visitors weave through the grassy mounds water-play runnel boulders diverse woodland plantings and willow tunnels.   This regenerative project is envisioned as a gateway to the natural world; one that highlights creative discovery in all seasons.谷歌直译:瑞根斯坦学习园区是芝加哥植物园的一个新的环境发现中心和自然游乐场。这个占地六英亩的园艺园区是一个充满活力的家庭社区,提供与自然世界的互动体验,同时将该机构的影响力提升为每年为12.5万人以上的科学园艺中心。该设计将各个年龄段的家庭和孩子们融入到各种户外体验中,包括以探究为重点的学习和游戏,从而更深入地了解生态系统。广阔的花园包括各种自然的经验和探索,游客通过草地,水上运动,巨石,多样的林地播种和柳条隧道进行编织。这个再生工程被设想为通向自然世界的门户; 一个突出创造性发现在所有季节。
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